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February 10, 2017
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January 27, 2017

Vernazza is a font design and branding project fused together.

The goal was to create a sans/serif font duo that looks classic and modern at the same time.
About 5 years ago, together with a good a good friend, we decided to trip and hitchhike through Europe to Italy to a place called Cinque Terre. It's a little region on the coast of Ligurian Sea with picturesque little villages, rustic coasline and amazing views. Cinque Terre and Vernazza, which is a little town in the region left a lasting impression and this font is the result of that.

Vernazza is a combination of two fonts - an elegant serif font combined with a tall sans-serif. It helps you create an elegant yet slightly rustic vibe in your designs and works in large display titles, logos and small paragraphs. You can combine them in endless ways and create unique lockups. Included is this package are also 9 elegant and minimal logo templates made with the font duo that are easily editable in Adobe Illustrator.